Course Code: ETE 452

Course Code: ETE 452

Publish Date: 
Thursday, August 13, 2015
Bachelor of Science, Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering (ETE)

Course Code: ETE 452
Course Name: Satellite and Optical Fiber Communication
Prerequisite: None
Credit Hours: 3.00

Detailed Syllabus:

Satellite Communication: Principles of satellite communication, satellite analog communication. Digital satellite transmission, multiple access techniques, demand assignment multiple access techniques, spread spectrum technique and code division multiple access, random access technique. Satellite orbits and inclination, communication satellite subsystems, satellite earth station, special purpose communication satellites. Applications of GEO, MEO, LEO and VSAT, and mobile satellite communications.

Optical fiber communication: Advantages of optical fiber system. Light propagation through optical fiber, ray optics theory and mode theory, optical fiber types. Attenuation, absorption loss, scattering loss, fiber band loss, dispersion, polarization, nonlinear phenomena. LED, its structure and characteristics, laser’s basic concept, semiconductor and non-semiconductor lasers, optical transmitter circuit. P-N and P-I-N photo-diode, avalanche photo-diode, optical receiver circuit, direct detection and coherent detection. Types of noise, receiver noise, S/N ratio, error rates. Fiber joints and fiber couplers, modulator, laser and fiber amplifiers, switches, isolator, attenuator, circular, polarization controller, filter, optical sensor systems, WDM and its applications, SDH/SONET system.